REACH Kidney Care | Lou Gans: Dialysis is Nothing to Fear
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30 Oct Lou Gans: Dialysis is Nothing to Fear


Lou Gans has been a patient of REACH Kidney Care since March 3, 2015. REACH has taught her that kidney disease is nothing to be afraid of.

The first time Mrs. Gans heard that dialysis may be in her future, she believed she would experience a heart attack. Her belief that kidney disease and a heart attack were linked together came from a relative who experienced a heart attack while on dialysis. Hearing about her relative’s experience conditioned Mrs. Gans to fear having a heart attack while on dialysis.

Fortunately, Mrs. Gans was referred to REACH where she received complete information that dispelled her fears and guided her toward processes designed to prolong her kidney function.

“REACH has helped me to better understand kidney disease,” stated Gans. “The staff taught me about the different types of treatment options, nutrition for kidney disease, and strategies to help prolong my kidney function.”

Mrs. Gans is thankful for the REACH team helping her to manage lifestyle changes. Today Mrs. Gans understands dialysis is not a heart attack waiting to happen.

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