REACH Kidney Care | Howard Knoch: REACH Makes Transitioning to Dialysis Smooth and Safe
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30 Oct Howard Knoch: REACH Makes Transitioning to Dialysis Smooth and Safe


Howard Knoch was a patient of REACH Kidney Care for less than one year before he started dialysis. Howard and his wife, Shirley, were referred to REACH Kidney Care on October 2, 2017 by his nephrologist at the VA Clinic.

The couple both agreed that REACH helped prepare Howard for a safe and smooth transition into dialysis.

Shirley explained when it was time for her husband to start dialysis, they understood the process and knew exactly what to expect. Her husband agreed. “You know the fear you get when you hear you might have to start dialysis? Well, when you start with the REACH Kidney Care program, they ease you through it and that fear goes away” stated Howard.

Howard and Shirley are thankful for the caring and informative individuals that helped them navigate the process of starting dialysis.

“The REACH team took time to explain everything and make sure we understood,” said Shirley. The couple received a DVD about dialysis and kidney disease at one of the educational meetings. They were able to guide the decision making process each step of the way. Howard and Shirley were also told that the REACH team was available 24/7 to address any concerns.

“If I had a million dollars, I would give it to you” said Mrs. Knoch to Caterrace Moore, REACH Care Coordinator, because of Caterrace’s caring nature. “We’re very thankful for REACH Kidney Care.”

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