REACH Kidney Care | Annie Jeter: REACH Kidney Care Takes the Fear Out of Kidney Disease
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30 Oct Annie Jeter: REACH Kidney Care Takes the Fear Out of Kidney Disease


Since July 26, 2016, Annie Jeter has been a patient at REACH Kidney Care in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

In the beginning, Annie would describe her journey with kidney disease as scary.

“When I first learned about kidney disease, I was scared because I thought I’d have to start dialysis immediately,” stated Annie. “But, with the help of Dr. McGee and the REACH team I am learning ways to improve my kidney function and hopefully I can stay off of dialysis.”

Annie has received free education classes at REACH that include nutrition, strategies for prolonging kidney function, and treatment options. If dialysis becomes a part of Annie’s future, she knows she’d be prepared to start peritoneal dialysis, a home therapy.

Delaying dialysis has been possible because Annie follows the advice of her doctor and her REACH team. “I’ve learned how to eat healthier and stay on a kidney friendly diet.”

At one time, Annie had been taking 21 different medications, and that has been reduced to 11. She gives all her praise and honor to God stating, “God is going before me to touch my doctor and guide my care team. God is still with me and everything will be alright.”

Annie is no longer afraid of kidney disease. She has security in her faith and her medical team. “The REACH team is very nice. They know how to comfort and encourage me,” stated Annie. “I feel like family when I walk through the door.”

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